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This masterclass will address communication frameworks for innovators, key challenges facing aspiring intrapreneurs, and how to play to one’s personal strengths and qualities along with professional excellence.Based on years of experience in assessing and coaching intrapreneur pitches, this workshop, leader identifies key communication challenges such as overshooting time limit, not beingevenly paced, ignoring the larger problem context, and not building out the individual story.

It describes two parts of the innovation communication process: the pitchdeck and theintrapreneur story. Integration of both creates a compelling proposition for the innovator as someone who is well-embedded in the corporate setting while also possessing unique individual

In addition to product-market fit, there should also be focus on intrapreneur-problem fit. In other words, how is the intrapreneur uniquely qualified to understand the problem space and the solution opportunity.The Story Canvas, a tool created by the workshop leader, helps intrapreneurs structure their narrative of their innovative journey within the company. It fleshes out the vision and futuregoals of the intrapreneurs aligned with organisational purpose, thus highlighting the need for supporting their innovation.


In addition to individual storytelling and communication, the masterclass grooms intrapreneurs in the art of innovation conversations, based on a three-step flow:


What’s new?

How well does it work?

How do we scale it?

For the road ahead, the masterclass builds team capabilities of the intrapreneur in terms of organisational communication. These include story listening, story crafting, and story circles. Intrapreneurs will be shown the advantages of telling their stories and pitches across multiple media – written, oral, digital, and video. The duration of the masterclass is two to four hours, and is designed to be highly interactive, inphysical and virtual formats. It can be customised to suit the needs of individual organisations as well.

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