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Why an Intrapreneurial 101 DNA Master Class

Intrapreneurship describes a people centric, bottom-up approach to develop radical innovations and can be a winning context not only for organization, but for individuals who are aiming to achieve mastery in their subject and make meaningful contributions to their organizations and teams.  To become a successful intrapreneur, the following aspects play a key role.


  • Practicing creativity

  • Risk appetite, team building.

  • Understanding organizational DNA

  • Developing strategic thought and most importantly

  • Dealing with failure

The Intrapreneur 101 program is just not a coursework, but a means to change the way we operate. A good idea is a network, a specific constellation of neurons. A new idea is a network of cells exploring the adjacent possible of connections they can make in your mind. An idea can be tested for its potential to make an impact by measuring the size of the network (neurons) and its adaptability to accept configurations.


Objectives of the master class

The intrapreneur masterclass aims at introducing the concept of Intrapreneurship and how to prepare oneself to become an intrapreneur and provides a high level, yet impactful session covering the following:

  •  Developing strategic thought.

  • Understanding organizational DNA.

  • Introduction to Business Models.

  • Understanding creativity.

  • Intrapreneurs DNA.

  • Understanding Value Preposition



Why Unfold

Through our consultative and customized solutions, we have been helping clients build a culture of Intrapreneurship within the organization and build an innovative mindset for over 4 Years. We believe Intrapreneurship Culture creates an environment where all employees are encouraged to think like a business owner, with creativity, passion and commitment.


Course Content

The foundations of Intrapreneurship coursework covers the most important ingredients to start becoming an intrapreneur and includes:

  • What makes YOU an intrapreneur?

  • Understanding organizational goals.

  • Spotting Opportunities

  • 10 mindset shifts

  • Committing to be an Intrapreneur - skills and capabilities 

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