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Build a winning culture by unlocking the right ideas!

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Unfold is a boutique HR strategy and consulting firm. We’re passionate about harnessing culture to address critical business issues and in the age of distributed workforces, we can help you reimagine and build a sustainable future.

Unfold acts as a cultural change catalyst. We help people with learning and change. With deep expertise in organizational development and change management, we can transform talent, create an inclusive workplace, and help foster intrapreneurs. Our solutions will help you keep ahead of the future of work. Find out more about us.

our Intrapreneurship offerings

Do you have a program that empowers your trailblazers to unlock the company's next wave of growth? Here's how Unfold can help you build an Intrapreneurial Culture:

Intrapreneurship Knowledge Hub

Building an intrapreneurial strategy and approach

Designing intrapreneur-led innovation and ideas programs

Articulate cultural enablers, establish governance structure and initiate change management programs

Identifying and developing intrapreneurial capability

Recognizing and growing intrapreneurs

Enabling successful partnerships for corporate-startup engagements

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